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  • Jo de Blois

The 18 Decillion Colors of God

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Colors have much to teach us about God and about our neighbor.

Some say that there are 18 decillion colors in this world (that is an 18 with 33 zeros). The reason why so many are identified, is because every person has a prism of approximately 1 million colors. Every man and every woman only sees a fraction of all the colors that exist. And because every individual is unique, everyone sees the world with a slightly different color scheme, through slightly different eyes. Only God, who created every color, knows them all and can see them all. This means that God sees octillion (18 with 27 zeros) times more colors than man can see.

The colors of life teach us about God

Colors teach us about the greatness of God. Although God's greatness can never be measured, the reality of colors can give a simple picture of the contrast between God's mind and the mind of people. Based on the math of colors in this world, God's mind is at least 18,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times greater, more majestic, wiser, and better than the mind of people. God's creative mind is brilliant, comprehensive, beautiful and dynamic, leaving our minds flawed, limited, marred and small in comparison to God's.

The Scriptures are very honest about the human limitations of the mind. Isaiah says that humans cannot fully understand God and his truth (Isa 55:8-9). Elsewhere in the Psalms is written that God's knowledge of us is too wonderful for us; "it is high; I cannot reach it" (Ps 139:6). No matter how hard we think, how hard we try, our small brains can never reach God’s level of understanding and his level of wisdom.

It is important for us to understand the greatness of God. Because when we understand God's greatness, we become genuinely humble. The greater we realize God to be, the smaller we feel ourselves. And the smaller we feel ourselves, the more we admire God for his greatness.

We are Little Ones and God is our Great One

We are little because God is great.

The greater we esteem God, the smaller we experience ourselves to be.

The smaller we are, the greater God's power can be manifested in us (2 Cor 12:9).

The smaller and weaker we are, the greater and stronger we are (Matt 11:11)

It is great to be a Little One!

The colors of life teach us about our relationships

The colors of life do not only teach us about the greatness of our creator. Colors also teach us that everyone is unique. For everyone experiences the world through a different prism. Consequently, when we listen to others and learn from their experiences in life and their experiences of God, it is as if we take the color pallets of those around us to our own and we expand our own pallets of colors. When we listen to others, we literally enrich ourselves with wisdom of life. That is why truly carefully listening to someone else, realizing that their view of life is ready to broaden our own view, is so important.

Some tips:

1. The “stranger” we find someone else to be, the more this person may have to teach us about their view of life, showing us an angle we may have never seen before.

2. Listening is done best without judgment. We cannot apply our color palette randomly to the picture that others have of the world. With that I mean, we cannot just automatically assume that we understand the other person. We need to listen, learn, and then react.

3. Listening and learning from others does not mean that we cannot correct others or point them to sinful or unhelpful patterns. Yet this correction is much easier done and avoids proud moralizing when we listen first, understand underlying thoughts and patterns that have led to certain actions. Then with that wisdom we can find the best alternative route.

4. Always live with the understanding that God has created everyone unique. God goes a different path with everybody. No Christian is superior to the other in the eyes of God. Knowing and understanding this should remove all barriers that we might put up in our relationship to other people and give us an open mind to understand the incomprehensible way we see others may go.

Wisdom is the reward of a lifetime of listening.

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