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Termite Inspection

I bought a house in early December, 2021. I never bought a house before, so it was all a bit chaotic. When I planned the inspection for Tuesday morning, I was asked whether or not I wanted the house inspected for termites. I had to decide before the inspection if I wanted this included. I didn’t really know what to do, but I decided to buy this peace of mind for 140 dollars. When the inspector came, he told me that I had made a good choice. He said that the neighbors are building next door and that they had cut down a lot of trees and roughed up the soil. In doing so, the inspector said, the local termites went running for neighboring locations, and would for sure consider moving into my home.

When I thought later about the termites, I realized that I should do with my spiritual life what I did with my house. I know that there are very tiny sins in and surrounding my life that, if they grow, form severe spiritual dangers. These little sins and flaws are ready to infest my life wherever they can. I got convicted. The way I took care of little creepy and destructive animals who chew on my foundation to be kept out of my house, I should care for little sins to stay out of my life.

What helps in keeping these little sins that are potentially destructive out of our life?

  1. In(tro)spection and inspection. Sometimes we know that we are headed to a place that is a dangerous place for our spiritual life. Just to give an example: I know that certain conversations with certain people will lead to anger, frustration, and will potentially jeopardize my spiritual life. When I know beforehand that these spiritual termites will be attracted to this meeting, I can take precautions, or avoid the conversation altogether.

  2. Correction. My termite inspection came with a one-year termite warranty. In other words, if there are termites within one year, they will come and get them out for free. I also have people in my life that have an eye on my spiritual and moral life, and that will correct any danger when they see it before sins start to chew at the foundation of my life.

So introspection and correction are very important in our spiritual life.

This all reminds me of a story that Jesus told in Matthew 12. Jesus tells his disciples of a demon that goes out of a person, wanders around, finds no place to live, and then returns to the house he came from with a whole bunch of other demons, infesting the house. This reminds me of my termites. Jesus’ cure is to indeed clean the house, but also make sure that the house is in a spiritually good condition, filled with the Holy Spirit, making sure that you have people in your life who inspect you, watch with you over the state of your house, to make sure that you are safe and protected.

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